About Sin

Hi I'm Sin! I'm the proud owner of Sin Original, Sin Original Events & Hunts, Grab & Go Monthly Midnight Madness, Owner of $69 L Monkey Monday Sales,& $99L Crazy Week Sale. Sin Original offers great items at great prices! I work hard to bring great items to the grid for others to enjoy. I love to create and feel creativity is always a work in progress. I'm fun, flirty, & friendly. I don't sugar coat, I say it how I see it, I can't stand drama, I will respond to anyone in the same way as they are to me, if you are rude to me I will respond rudely, if you are respectful I will respond respectfully, I feel honesty is always the best policy, and I love making new friends. Feel free to strike up a conversation with me. I'm also a gamer and most nights I'm on World of Warcraft playing one of my many toons. If you play add me! Have any questions or concerns regarding my store, my hunt group, my monthly midnight madness group, or the sales group contact me. I do my best to respond quickly.